New Product

Launched late 2006

10 Reasons why you need Hydramark Markers on your property

  • Hydramark markers solve the problem of hydrants hidden by foliage and crops being struck by farm equipment
  • Easily attached or detached into position on top of irrigation hydrants
  • A unique flexible stem 1.4M high that will ensure the visible bright orange ball alerts contractors and farmers to hydrants
  • Sturdy and robust enough to last for years
  • Fittings are also available for loose hydrant fittings or to prevent stock removal andto suit all other general farm hazards such as railway iron anchors"
  • Avoid the cost of repairing hydrants, underground mains and farm machinery and frustration finding contractors and diggers to do the urgent repairs immediately
  • Hydramark markers are economical insurance against machinery damage
  • Small delays can result in large losses in downtime and inconvenience
  • Get your crops harvested in their peak condition
  • Comply with Government regulations to take all “practicable steps” to ensure the contractor, sub-contractor and employees are not harmed while at work on your property

Reflectorised option available for night time safety


$50.00 + GST for 3 prong base
$65.00 + GST for rubber base - to fit on top of hydrant.

Freight free for 10 or more.

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